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26 May 2009 @ 11:03 pm
i'll find another you.  
Excerpts From Her Diary by Ichiro
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"I just couldn't say goodbye. Not to your face."

She clutched the flowers in her hand, her bangs overshadowing her sad, sad eyes. But she would not show this. A scowl was evident on her face, her rigid shoulders refused to slump over. Rina glared at the casket which was at least five feet (or was it more?) below the ground, its silver lining and elegant amber wood teasing her of her predicament. She had thought, quite foolishly, that boring holes into Johan's grave would make him bolt right up and just say "Hi" straight to her face.

Rina, whilst still holding onto the flowers on one hand, gripped the hem of her shirt and seethed mournfully. She would not move from her spot, no, not until she sees that oh-so familiar face again––

"Big sister."

Briskly looking to her right, Rina's younger brother by one year, Satoru, looked up at her, his owlish eyes tried to search for any kind of emotion through the void facade his sister was putting on for blunt show. He frowned at the rebellious attitude of his older sibling. Why not, for once, try to cry? Did she not feel sad that Johan died? Would she have cried if she was the one who died?

She narrowed her eyes at him, completely wary and annoyed that he dared to interrupt the pensive silence she was once in. Rina was sure she was going to punish him someday. "What are you doing here, Satoru," Her 'question' sounded more like a statement and it was obvious that she was saying these through gritted teeth. The aforementioned boy flinched at Rina's overwhelming undertone and he clamped his mouth shut, afraid that he would make a comeback. "Can you not tell that I was having my peaceful alone time?"

The underlying hatred beneath those words never failed to reach Satoru. Of course he knew, he scoffed when he thought of it, that this sister of his utterly hated him with a passion. It was simply amazing as to how he managed to cope with this insulting act and not go insane just by thinking about it. Satoru seethed back at her. "Is there a problem? He was my father, too, you know." He purposely put an edge on the word 'was,' and hoped that this would at least tick her off.

And by damn, it did. Rina's glowering gaze hardened. Judging from this change, Satoru told himself that things weren't looking too good for him. Question was, just how bad will it turn out to be?

"You watch your mouth, brat. The next time this happens, I won't let it pass. You hear me?!" Rina shrieked and rushed to the opposite direction. Anywhere, she thought. It didn't matter to her. What mattered now was that this pathetic excuse of a brother kept on bugging her to the brim of her already full cup. She roughly collided her shoulder against Satoru's own, indicating that he should not, and absolutely not, follow her anymore. He needed to be told, one way or another.

Satoru watched his sister's back grow smaller, and a quick note made its way into his head. What if she decided not to come back? What if she ran away? He let out a shaky sigh when he saw her back into a tree, plop on the grass, and she proceeded to slump in her seat. He observed her with eagle eyes, failing to exclude out emotions like pity or sympathy, two of the things Rina hated very much. She was too prideful, Satoru heeded.

He drove his attention away, far from his sister, and looked down. He stared at the crushed white flowers which his sister had previously been holding. He gingerly picked them up and observed them. He discarded them immediately, watching as they fell into the rectangular pit, where his father's casket had been placed. Satoru shot a disbelieving, wry smile at it.

For once, he'll be able to protect his own sister; not some other man.

"I thought I would get over this. I always did, whatever it may have been. But, I realized that this wound would never heal."

"Brother, why won't you play with me? It's getting lonely here. And ever since Father disappeared and Mother died..." Ichiro inquired, a loosely clamped hand over his chest. He had left his hair dangling above his shoulders, evident that he had just woken up. His pursued his question. "Ro'an..."

The mentioned man merely grunted in response, not bothering to raise his head and at least nod in acknowledgment. Ro'an continued scribbling on a piece of paper, paused to mutter something under his breath, then returned to writing again. Discouragement flashed through Ichiro's face as he flexed his hand. "Big bro––"

"Why don't you just play with Saito, Ichiro? Isn't he your best friend," Ro'an stated candidly. He made hand gestures which meant either "go away," or "leave me be." But it was all the same, every single day. The slight cold shoulder he was giving Ichiro was cruel; not only did the poor boy lose his mother and father, now he would lose Ro'an, just because his older brother was too caught up in his own world?

"But...but...Big brother Saito...he told me that if I wanted something to be done, then I should be the one to start it! Th-that's why I came here on my own, big brother..." Ichiro fiddled with his fingers nervously and the silence that followed scared him. Would his brother finally burst the bubble that he had always kept intact? If he did, would he lash it all out on the younger one? Thoughts started to pile up, and every time it increased, the more horrible the thought was. Ichiro was sure the moment Ro'an would open his mouth, he would run away like the coward he had been born as.

Fortunately, before he could truly lose his sanity, Saito turned up right beside him. He appeared to be quite frantic, his breathing ragged, as he leaned forward and rested his hands upon his knees.

He had woken up brusquely when he noticed that he felt colder than usual. He checked his right and found that little Ichiro was not by his side, thus he bolted out of his room, afraid that something might happen to his 'minuscule prince.'

I should have known better, he hastily mused, that the young prince would be here at Ro'an's room. He allowed himself another breather, and he jumped when a hand smaller than his own slowly patted him on the back. "Are you all right, big brother Saito? You look dreadful..."

Saito slipped on a petite grin, adorning his mien. He knelt down, locking his eyes with the other, and he scrutinized Ichiro's always gentle, never unpleasant face. The one being scrutinized at suddenly changed his front and he was now discombobulated than ever.

"Why are you so quiet, big brother...?"

The 13-year-old cut his gaze short and stood up, albeit clumsily, on his two feet. Not intending to confuse the 8-year-old any further, he flashed a toothy smile. "Well, stay here, young prince." Laughing at the perturbed expression Ichiro shot him when he addressed him as "prince", he then stepped inside Ro'an's quarters, the eerie quietude still lingering.

"This behavior is getting on my nerves, Ro'an. You know better than to ignore your own blood relative," Saito chided, his once friendly expression now hardened and instead of a carefree smile, a scowl now stood on his face. He felt a vein pulsate as Ro'an kept himself mum, and Saito had to control his urge to assail the defiant boy. "You never change, do you? This attitude is sick beyond repair! Do something about this, Ro'an––"

Saito ducked, the glass barely hitting him. He inaudibly cursed. This is why I hate dealing with him, the little brat! He hissed, feeling a tiny shard of glass hit his hand. "Oh, come on, Ro'an! You have no right to do this, you...!"

"Of course I do. I'm the master of this house now."

"Don't you abuse the position, you...you...you bastard!"

"Hmph." Although he continued to send daggers, Ro'an was very, very amused with this. Finally, he was able to get on that nosey lackey's nerves. He wasn't one bit compliant to him, no. As much as he hated to admit this fact, but he felt that this Saito was getting too close to his Ichiro, the little brother that the bespectacled person had rebuked him about.

Oh, he did want to spend time with Ichiro; he just didn't want Saito around.


Author's Notes: HAH. I finished the real chapter two, yay! So. If you're confused about the ages, here they are:
In chapters 1 and 2, this is actually 10 years before the actual timeline (the one with the Rina/Riba romance).
Ro'an (riba) - 10
Saito - 13
Ichiro - 8
Rina (annabelle) - 9
Satoru (sanji) - 8
Johan - 32 (._.)

By the way, at the bed part. Ichiro is still 8 years old in this so he's still a baby about sleeping alone because of the "many monsters lurking around." So, being the nice big brother Saito is, he stays beside Ichiro just to make sure he can get sleep.

emotional vault: exanimateexanimate
vocaloid: 'Catch Your Wave' by The Click Five