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16 October 2009 @ 08:58 pm
Drabbles 2 (not finished)  


16. Nightmares




                The brunet prince looked down at his lavender-haired princess as he stared in full awe, his heart quelling in love. The princess’s breathing was slow and even, and she was very unaware of the flushed prince. Prince Ro’an steadied himself and lowered his face, their noses almost touching as he—


                “OH, GOD!”




                Rina groaned in pain, clutching her head. She opened an eye, and she almost screamed when she saw who it was. “What the fuck are you doing in my room, you pervert?!”


                “I heard you screaming so I came to check on you! What happened anyway, did you have a nightmare?” Riba said, his tone taunting, although he was still trying to ease his hurt forehead.


                “In fact, I did, and you were in it, you hobo!”


                “WHAT DID YOU SAY—“


                As Riba started ranting about how the ‘abuse’ was multiplying even more every single day, Rina saw this as an opportunity to grab the sheets and hide under it.


                She grumbled under her breath and tried to lessen the blushing.



87. Envious


                RinaxRiba, RinaxIchiro, slight RibaxIchiro


                “Aw, you’re so cute!”


                Riba stared.


                “A-ah, but…isn’t this a bit…”


                Riba glared.


                “But dear, this isn’t too much, nor is it too little! Come on, be more positive!”


                “O-h, okay. Rina-san.”


                Riba bit his lower lip. As he watched the exchange of words between Rina and Ichiro, Riba couldn’t help but ask himself whether he was envious because Ichiro looked like a cute girl in any outfit, or because Rina was complimenting Ichiro instead of him.


Not that Riba wanted to wear Lolita clothing, anyway.



                94. Revenge




                Rina was furious and she wanted revenge.


                Earlier that day, she had bought a decadent cake which she was supposed to eat now, but the plate of scrumptious delight disappeared before she could even take out her chainsaw. Rina had a hunch as to who did it. Apparently, she was right.


Rina wanted nothing more but revenge; thus, it was declared that Riba’s ass was going down.


                Unbeknownst to Riba, Rina had cooked up quite a devious, yet dirty, revenge, and she was now following the man around, sneaking behind him as discreet as possible. Riba was walking down the hall, and Rina was tip-toeing behind. She held her breath and—


                “Take this, you bastard—TEN THOUSAND YEARS OF FUCKING PAIN!”





53. Boredom




“I’m soooo bored!”


“Well, want to do something?”


Riba tensed then sent Rina a suggestive glance, to which the latter shuddered at disgustedly.


“You pervert, if you want to do the nasty, do it with Johan, or any from the uke society.”



               11. Masquerade




                She knew it was wrong; it was common sense, anyway, that playing with people’s feeling was wrong. Rina wondered to herself why she chose to do this. After all, she hadn’t felt the same way as the boy did.


                But as Riba kept coming back, Rina couldn’t make herself break the red thread. The brunet’s smile whenever they were together, his carefree, nonchalant laugh; the lavender-haired maiden replayed those moments in her head.


                Maybe, Rina decided, she could keep up with this silly masquerade. She’d let the red thread continue on, if not for herself, but for the sake of Ro’an Riba.



                22. Torn




                Riba’s eyebrow twitched, his lips pursed. He was having a mental argument with himself—he was either going to play the gentleman (and take the false accusation), or just keep quiet and let someone else do the deed.


                “Oh!” The brunet looked at the scene warily, and at that moment, he had decided upon choice number two, mainly because that ‘someone’ had conveniently appeared…


                “Rina-san, your dress is a bit…torn at the backside.”


                Riba breathed out a sigh. Oh, god, he was so going to thank Ichiro for this later—


                “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I thought Roan was going to tell you instead. He was, after all, staring at it for quite a while…”


                “Oh?” Rina whispered lowly, and the blond nodded slightly, unaware of what was about to happen next.


                Riba face faulted, and tried to hide behind an imaginary menu. Never mind, he thought, as he made a run for his life.



                73. Lies




                “Trust me on this, I won’t—what the fuck are you doing?!”


                “I’m lashing out my glorious anger on you through this video game, Riba!”


                “Oh, come on, you’re still hung up on that—hey! Wah, please, trust me…!”


                “LIES!” was Rina’s war cry as she mercilessly gunned down Riba’s character. “Never EVER lie to Rina Sato, especially when it comes to Counter Strike!” She cackled darkly.


                Riba slumped in his seat, defeated.



                15. Commitment




                “How can you promise me that?”


                His gaze was unwavering; hers was the same. Rina looked at Johan which such intensity, the kind which would have made Riba annoyed and caused him to walk away, perturbed. Obviously, Johan was different. He was immovable. Johan quirked an eyebrow, and Rina’s question was a challenge to him.


                “Even if I have to fight against all odds, I would keep it. I would do it.”


                Rina cracked a small smile. “That’s good enough.”


                Johan breathed out a sigh.

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